We fill all prescriptions from all eye doctors in our frames or yours.

One of the many advantages of being locally owned and operated is the ability to carry a wide variety of eyewear and not be limited by corporate ownership like many optical chains. At The Eyes Have It you will find everything from sport specific eyewear to the latest in optical fashion.  At The Eyes Have It we take pride in our customer relationships and ongoing effort to find the perfect pair of of glasses for your style and your lifestyle.


Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopia or just looking to replace some new lenses in your favorite pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses… we have a lens that is perfect for you!

Digitally surfaced customized lenses is the newest way of processing lenses to give you the most exact prescription lenses unique to your visual needs. This was first used for making progressive lenses. The prescription is digitally mapped on the lens material, then surfaced on the front, back, or combination front to back of the lens depending on manufacturer, This provides a wider field of vision in all fields and reduces the amount of wave on the front of the lenses that accompanies the transition of powers. We were one of the first optical shops in northern Colorado to use digitally surfaced customized lenses.

Digitally surfaced customized lenses are now available in single vision, lined bifocal & trifocal  , and progressive correction also.  We have the newest lens technologies from most lens companies for all your needs.  Including Drive-wear lenses that self-adjust color and density depending on the light and weather for optimum vision.

Being locally owned and operated, we are fortunate at The Eyes Have It to have access to the newest technology in optics. Most optical chains are limited to working with certain manufactures and do not have the option to purchase outside of their chain. Because we have ongoing relationships with labs all over the country we are among the first in the industry to learn about the newest in optical technology and therefore can provide our customers with the best vision available.

Silhouette Frames at The Eyes Have It

Regardless of whether you need a single vision or multifocal lens, at The Eyes Have It we take time to understand each customer’s optical needs and will discuss different lens designs and materials available. With so many options obtainable, we take pride in finding the perfect lens that will fit your lifestyle and budget, while providing the best optics available.

And, we take pride in having a wide selection of frames to suit everyone’s style and needs.  Including smaller frames for those wo need a petite fit, and larger frames for those who need more size for a comfortable fit.  We’re also aware that not everyone shares the same view of what’s important to them or what suits their needs.  Therefore, we have a wide range of prices and styles from practical to premium.

Frame selection includes Silhouette, Lightech, Persol, Dragon, Ray-Ban, Trina Turk, Kate Spade, Artistik and Artistik Gallery, Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and many more.



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