Eye Care

The Eyes Have It Eye Care Downtown Fort Collins, COAt The Eyes Have It, we offer vision exams that provide you with an updated glasses and/or contact lens prescription while evaluating your overall eye health.

We are pleased to announce Dr. McClelland is back and scheduling eye exams. To schedule click here.

Our doctor screens patients for eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration among other health and eye care issues. Please make an appointment to ensure a time slot for your vision exam.


Use your VSP with us! The Eyes Have accepts multiple insurance plans including: VSP, Superior, Spectera, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Cigna Vision, Blue View, Aetna Vision. As an in-network or open-network provider we file all insurance claims for you. With some you will receive the benefit directly from the insurer. We also provide additional insurance discounts to maximize your benefit.           Dr. McClelland also accepts Medicare.

Our Doctor - Ewing R. McClelland (Pete)

The Eyes Have It is pleased to have Dr. McClelland on site for your eye care needs. Dr. McClelland is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University in English Literature and Writing. He studied science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, then earned a Doctor of Optometry Degree from The Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. Dr. McClelland practiced family optometry for five years in Virginia, where he co-managed patients with some of the best ophthalmologists in the country. As an eye doctor, he was trained to identify and treat problems that occur in the eye. Now that we have more information about what causes them, he practices preventative medicine and intervenes when a child's vision may not be developing properly or when an adult is at an increased risk of macular disease because a parent suffers from it. Treating problems is still much of what he does, and is pleased to be in a position to help patients prevent them.

In 2015, Dr. McClelland returned to Colorado with his family. As a member of both the Colorado Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association, he specializes in all phases of eye care, and is especially interested in improving vision, health and wellness through the practices of Developmental and Medical Optometry.

Raised on a farm in southwestern Pennsylvania Dr. McClelland enjoys the outdoors. His recent family adventures include camping, hiking, cycling paddling and more.


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